InkDance Chinese Painting Gallery, as China & World's largest Online Chinese Paintings Gallery, based in China, provides over 6000 original hand-painted Chinese paintings on rice paper or silk & Chinese calligraphy to the whole world, with over 10 years of business, the most competitive prices, and king-like service. With 1-on-1 personal consultant replying within 0.5-23.5 hrs free of charge, you can save much time & 40%-85% money to buy Chinese art painting & Chinese Scrolls from famous or potential Chinese artists, compared to your local stores.

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king-like service. With 1-on-1 personal consultant replying within 0.5-23.5 hrs free of charge, you can save much time & 40%-85% money to buy Chinese art painting & Chinese Scrolls from famous or potential Chinese artists, compared to your local stores. We provide free professionally Custom painting service, free Shipping&Nice Packing, 60Days Money-back, cheap mounting service as Chinese wall scroll painting etc. You can enjoy different kinds of traditional Chinese painting & modern Chinese painting. We ensure your purchase of Chinese calligraphy painting is safe and trouble-free, as the best website to buy Chinese ink/brush paintings.

    Pumps & Heels : Mens Shoes,Womens Shoes,Boots,Flats Impeccable

    Pumps & Heels : Mens Shoes,Womens Shoes,Boots,Flats Impeccable
    Chinese Art Paintings for Sale

    "Greetings! I received my painting a few weeks ago and just want to let you know I am very pleased with it. It
    was beautifully wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. The painting itself is gorgeous and I had it
    professionally framed and hung above my fireplace. It is a wonderful addition to my home. Thank you for the
    excellent customer service
    and fast delivery. Felicia Phillips A Very Happy Customer" (more testimonials..)
    Pumps & Heels : Mens Shoes,Womens Shoes,Boots,Flats Impeccable Chinese Landscape PaintingsThe subject of our China landscape paintings include mountains, rivers, buildings, & boats painting, pine tree
    & waterfalls painting, palace painting, fishermen, cow & cowboy painting,
    sun & cloud painting, trees, rocks &
    grass painting...
    Pumps & Heels : Mens Shoes,Womens Shoes,Boots,Flats Impeccable Chinese Bird Flower Paintings Our China birds & flowers paintings
    are painted with traditional strokes accompanied with insect or leaf, peony and light-vented bulbul panting, lotus & crane painting, butterfly, peacock
    Chinese painting, etc...
    Chinese Figure Paintings Chinese Figure Paintings Includes beautiful women, minority
    girls, boys and other famous figures
    in Ancient China. The beauties,
    whatever the court ladies in garden
    or famous ancient China beauties,
    are created gracefully, delicately
    and vivid.
    Chinese Fish Paintings Chinese Fish Paintings Our Chinese fish painting include
    koi fish painting, carp painting, Tai
    Chi fish painting, nine fish painting,
    and goldfish painting...
    Chinese Animal Paintings Chinese Animal Paintings Include Dragon, tiger & phoenix Chinese
    painting, Kylin painting, panda,
    monkey painting, rooster, cat &
    eagle/ hawk, lion China painting,
    mouse, pig, dog, sheep painting...
    Chinese calligraphy Chinese calligraphy Inkdance Chinese painting gallery
    provide over 190 Chinese calligraphy
    artworks, from the most common one
    word calligraphy to famous poems calligraphies...
    What People Say About Us? "Mary, I just want you to know how much help you were with this project. This is the first time that I have ordered a
    custom painting
    and you made the experience wonderful. These will not be the last paintings that I order from you." Sue(United States) (more...)
    --------------- Chinese Landscape Painting ---------------
    Chinese Mountain and Water Paintings Chinese Mountain and
    Water Paintings
    Mountain and water landscape scenery Chinese paintings range from ink-
    splashed, colour splashed painting,
    blue & green landscape painting, and
    black & white landscape painting...
    Chinese Mountains Paintings Chinese Mountains Paintings Beautiful drawings of chinese
    mountains in China, as unique Asian
    oriental mountain paintings...
    Chinese Waterfall Paintings Chinese Waterfall Paintings In Chinese culture, water symbolizes
    wealth. Therefore, Chinese waterfall
    painting is a well-received theme for
    Chinese painting...
    Chinese Village Countryside Paintings Chinese Village Countryside Paintings Chinese minority village painting, ethnic village painting, descriping countryside life painting, and rural scenery painting have strong characteristic....
    Chinese Water Township Paintings Chinese Water Township Paintings It can be divided into main two types:
    Jiangnan water township painting
    and Lingnan water township painting..
    Chinese Trees Paintings Chinese Trees Paintings Includes Chinese banyan tree, pine
    tree and cypress tress painting,
    Chinese parasol tree, white birch,
    willow and coconut palm tree painting.
    Chinese Yellow River Paintings Chinese Yellow River Paintings China Yellow River painting is
    beautiful as Yellow river is
    breathtaking and attractive..
    Chinese Four Screens of Landscapes Paintings Chinese Four Screens of Landscapes Paintings Include Chinese four seasons scrolls...
    Chinese Snow Paintings Chinese Snow Paintings Chinese Snow / Snowscape Painting
    occupies an important place in the
    Chinese landscape painting the
    whole time.....
    Chinese Great Wall Paintings Chinese Great Wall Paintings Chinese great wall painting has
    special meaning in China...
    Chinese Sea Paintings Chinese Sea Paintings Nowadays, China painter create
    seascape with Chinese ink and
    colors to express the different theme...
    Chinese Buildings Pavilions Palaces Towers Terraces Paintings Chinese Buildings Pavilions Palaces Towers Terraces Paintings There is another type of Chinese
    paintings called painting of buildings,
    pavilions, palaces, terraces, and towers...
    What People Say About Us? "Annie, When I opened the picture from Li Zhi zhong I was shocked! It was so beautiful,
    I had to catch my breath! He is so talented it is hard to believe! Please thank him for me so much. I will be very
    nervous until I can get the picture into a very good frame and get it protected by glass.
    I think will probably be the finest painting I ever own. Thanks again, Tommy" (more testimonials..)
    ------------ Chinese Flower and Bird Painting ------------
    Chinese Peony Paintings Chinese Peony Paintings Peony symbolize wealth and success.
    Many Chinese people hang peony
    paintings at house to bring good
    bless of wealth, including red peony,
    pink peony, white peony, blue peony...
    Chinese Cherry Blossom Paintings Chinese Cherry Blossom Paintings Cherry blossoms are pure and
    noble. Cherry blossom painting
    symbolize love and hope for its
    Chinese Plum Blossom Paintings Chinese Plum Blossom Paintings Red plum blossom, white plum blossom, blue plum blossom or pink plum blossom in the moon night or in the snow... you all can find them in our gallery...
    Chinese Lily Paintings Chinese Lily Paintings Lily painting is not only the symbol
    of faithful love, but also regarded
    as a "Child-Bestowing Immortal"....
    Chinese Crane Paintings Chinese Crane Paintings Crane is a very auspicious animal
    in traditional Chinese culture. Cranes
    painting is one of the most Feng Shui
    paintings. The auspicious numbers
    include one crane, two cranes, 9
    cranes and one hundred cranes...
    Chinese Bamboo Paintings Chinese Bamboo Paintings Bamboos with birds or in snows are
    beautiful, often drawed with simple but
    elegant strokes. Depending on different bamboo artists' inner spirits, they could
    be painted as green bamboo, black and
    white bamboo, or red bamboos..
    Chinese Lotus Paintings Chinese Lotus Paintings Lotus is the common subject in China Chinese painting. The artists love
    painting lotus whose botanical
    characters are easier to be beautifully expressed in Chinese paintings. Green leaves, white, pink or colorful lotus
    flowers are all well matched...
    Chinese Orchid Paintings Chinese Orchid Paintings associated with women, love, and
    beauty; secondly with virtue, moral
    excellence, and the refinement of
    the superior man..
    Four Screens of Chinese Flowers and Birds Painting Four Screens of Chinese
    Flowers and Birds Painting
    Chinese screens painting of flower &
    bird include Chinese Four Gentlemen
    painting, Chinese Three Friends of
    Winter Painting, the flowers in spring
    and other series painting...
    Chinese Other Flowers Paintings Chinese Other Flowers Paintings Include Chinese Cacti Painting,
    Chinese Corn Poppy Fengshui
    Painting, Azalea Painting, Cercis/
    Bauhinia Painting, Tulipa Painting, Herbaceous Peony Painting, etc..
    Chinese Phoenix Paintings Pumps & Heels : Mens Shoes,Womens Shoes,Boots,Flats Impeccable Chinese Phoenix Paintings Its fengshui painting include One
    Hundred (100) Birds Paying Homage
    to Phoenix Chinese Painting, Red
    Phoenix Facing the Mornig Sun
    painting, etc....
    Chinese Mandarin Duck  Paintings Chinese Mandarin Duck Paintings Paintings of a pair of lovely mandarin
    ducks sporting in water are presented
    to a newly married couple by way of
    wishing them perfect conjugal bliss..
    Chinese Cotton Rose Paintings Chinese Cotton Rose Paintings symbolizes precocity, chastity,
    beauty, unsullied characters etc....
    Chinese Peacock Peahen Paintings Chinese Peacock Peahen Paintings It's a symbol of auspiciouness,
    nobility, beauty and power. Peacock
    also symbolizes civilization & culture...
    Chinese Pheasant  Paintings Chinese Pheasant Paintings Pheasant is called "jin ji( 锦鸡)" in
    Chinese, which wounds like "gold and
    auspiciousness(金吉)", so it has very
    auspicious meanings. ..
    Chinese Magnolia Paintings Chinese Magnolia Paintings Chinese Peony or Crab Apple
    Blossoms & Magnolia Fengshui
    Painting symbolize "wealth and rank
    in the Jade Hall" ..
    Chinese Peach Blossom Paintings Chinese Peach Blossom Paintings Chinese Peach Blossom Painting
    symbolize good luck and happiness..
    Chinese Egret Paintings Chinese Egret Paintings In Chinese, "egret(鹭)" and "road(路)"
    are homonymic words(both sound "lu")...
    Chinese Rose Paintings Chinese Rose Paintings The rose is the embodiment of
    love, peace, friendship, courage
    and devotion...
    Chinese Lychee Paintings Chinese Lychee Paintings Include Chinese Chicken & Lychee
    Feng Shui Painting, Three(3) Lychees,
    Three Longan and Three Walnuts
    Fengshui Painting, etc..
    Chinese Other Birds Paintings Chinese Other Birds Paintings Include Chinese Magpie Painting,
    Paradise-Flycatcher Painting,
    Chinese Bulbul / Light-vented Bulbul
    Painting, Swallow Painting, Quail
    Painting, Duck Painting, Parrot Painting..
    Chinese Grape Paintings Chinese Grape Paintings Many businessmen like grape
    paintings for its meaning of
    booming business. ..
    Chinese Pigeon Paintings Chinese Pigeon Paintings a symbol of peace and friendship.
    They also symbolize faith, constancy
    and longevity...
    Chinese Pomegranate Paintings Chinese Pomegranate Paintings Pomegranate is regarded as the
    auspicious fruit in China. It is an
    emblem of posterity, prosperity,
    solidarity, and luck....
    Chinese Chrysanthemum Paintings Chinese Chrysanthemum Paintings Chrysanthemum is one of the famous
    flowers in traditional Chinese culture,
    and the most common themes in the
    Chinese poems and paintings. ...
    Chinese Peach Painting Chinese Peach Painting In China, the most important symbolic
    meaning of peach is the wish for
    Chinese Qing Gong Painting Chinese Qing Gong Painting 清供画 Qinggong (清供), refer to those articles
    which are put on a long table in order
    to add spice to the study life.....
    Chinese Vegetables Painting Chinese Vegetables
    Include Chinese Calabash/cucurbit/
    bottle gourd painting, Chinese Luffa/
    loofah painting and Chinese Pumpkin
    painting, etc..
    Chinese Other Fruits Painting Chinese Other Fruits Painting Include Chinese persimmon painting,
    Chinese mandarin orange painting
    and Chinese loquat painting, etc...
    Chinese Swan Paintings Chinese Swan Paintings the white swan represents pureness,
    nobleness, and loyalty...
    Chinese Insects Painting Chinese Insects Painting Chinese insects paintings include
    butterfly, bee, grasshopper, cicada,
    beetle, toad and frog
    paintings etc.....
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    What People Say About Us? "Hi Nita, I have received the painting in great condition! Thank you so much for all the
    detailed correspondences with me! Appreciate the help of all your packing staff as well. Love the careful packaging! Last but not least, thanks to
    Long Hui for his lovely art work! He brings us closer to our Chinese roots and let us understand more abt the Chinese culture! Keep in touch!
    We will definitely come back to buy more!" Mindy(Singapore) (more testimonials..)
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    -------------------- Chinese Fish Painting --------------------
    Chinese Koi Fish Paintings Chinese Koi Fish Paintings Chinese koi fish painting is very popluar
    in carp paintings because of its great
    auspicious meaning, especially in
    business blessing....
    Chinese Goldfish Paintings Chinese Goldfish Paintings Chinese goldfish painting has very
    good Feng Shui meanings, including
    2 goldfishes, 4 goldfishes, 6
    goldfishes fengshui pictures....
    Chinese Anglefish Paintings Chinese Anglefish Paintings Anglefish painting & scrolls can be
    a good gift to couples. ....
    Chinese Shrimp Paintings Chinese Shrimp Paintings Black and white Chinese shrimp
    brush painting is really beautiful for
    its special elegance...there are other
    colored Shrimps paintings. .
    Chinese Other Fish Paintings Chinese Other Fishes Paintings Provide Chinese Catfish Painting,
    Chinese Mandarinfish Painting,
    Chinese Golden/Silver Dragon
    Fish Painting, & Chinese Crab
    Feng Shui Painting...
    What People Say About Us? "Hi Annie, After a very difficult day at work, I cam home and saw your package waiting for me.
    The paintings are so beautiful, they brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. I am so happy with this artwork.
    The scroll mounting is perfect as well.
    These paintings I will always cherish." Diane(United States) (more testimonials..)
    ----------------- Chinese Animal Painting -----------------
    Chinese Dragon Art Paintings Chinese Dragon Art Paintings Not like evil dragon in Western countries,
    in China, dragon is a virtuous and
    powerful mythic spirit. Dragon painting
    often give good lucks for boys to be
    successful men..
    Chinese Horse Paintings Chinese Horse Paintings Eight horses Chinese painting is one
    of the most popular Fengshui
    auspicious paintings. You can find
    different kind of horses painting here
    from white horses to black horses...
    Chinese Tiger Paintings Chinese Tiger Paintings Tiger painting is also a kind of
    auspicious painting, especially
    5 tiger paintings...
    Chinese Eagle Paintings Chinese Eagle Paintings Eagle soaring in the sky art painting
    is the common favorite topic. ....
    Chinese Chicken Paintings Chinese Chicken/ Rooster/ Cock Paintings Chinese rooster painting has special
    auspicious feng shui meaning from
    ancient China...
    Chinese Cattle/Ox/Bull/Cow Paintings Chinese Cattle Paintings Chinese Cattle/Ox/Bull/Cow painting
    & Scroll is traditional painting topic
    from ancient China. China people
    love to paint ox/bull/cow...
    Chinese Leopard Paintings Chinese Leopard Paintings Chinese leopard painting is drawed
    by some painters at very special
    mordern & traditional brush skills ...
    Chinese Deer Paintings Chinese Deer Paintings Deer is graceful and symbolize
    high official position and salary. In
    China, ancient people also regard
    it as a long life symbol...
    Chinese Sheep Paintings Chinese Sheep Paintings The most popular Fengshui Sheep
    /Goat Chinese paintings are 3 sheep
    /goat paintings & 9 sheep / goat
    Chinese Other Animals Paintings Chinese Other Animals Paintings Include Chinese duck painting, Chinese
    squirrel painting, Chinese fox painting,
    Chinese wolf painting, Chinese
    elephant painting ....
    Chinese Rabbit Paintings Chinese Rabbit Paintings Rabbit is one of the twelve Chinese
    zodiac animals with good
    Chinese Panda Paintings Chinese Panda Paintings

    Pumps & Heels : Mens Shoes,Womens Shoes,Boots,Flats Impeccable

    Chinese panda & bamboo paintings
    include faminly pandas painting,
    3(three) panda paintings, 2(two)
    panda painting, 1(one) panda
    painting ...
    Chinese Lion Paintings Chinese Lion Paintings Provide 2 lion paintings, 5 lion
    paintings, Two(2) Lions Playing with
    a Ball Feng Shui Painting...
    Chinese Monkey Paintings Chinese Monkey Paintings Chinese monkey zodiac painting
    include mother monkey and baby
    monkey, monkey bring peach painting,
    monkey king painting, etc. It bring
    good luck when hanging in Chinese
    monkey year ....
    Chinese Dog Paintings Chinese Dog Paintings Lovely Dog is one of the most favorite
    pets of human. Their loyal feature
    make them the best friends of people...
    Chinese Kylin Paintings Chinese Kylin Paintings Chinese Kylin Fengshui Painting/
    Scroll can bring you big profits and
    rapid growing in your business if you
    put it in your office...
    Chinese Snake Paintings Chinese Snake Paintings Chinese snake painting is a special
    painting theme....
    Chinese Cat Paintings Pumps & Heels : Mens Shoes,Womens Shoes,Boots,Flats Impeccable Chinese Cat Paintings White cat, red cat, black cat, purple
    cat, yellow cat, golden cat paintings
    cntain different meanings. They are all
    called Lucky Cat ...
    Chinese Mouse Paintings Chinese Mouse/Rat Paintings 5 mouse/rats moving the treasure
    fengshui Chinese painting give the
    blessing of getting wealth...
    Chinese Pig Paintings Chinese Pig Paintings Pig symbolize wealth and
    happiness in China people. ...
    Chinese Zodiac Animals Paintings Chinese Zodiac Animal Paintings The twelve Chinese zodiac Animals in
    order are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon,
    snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster,
    dog and pig.....
    What People Say About Us? "My brother received his painting in fine order, and has already hung it over his fireplace. I was hoping to
    have a picture to send to you so you could see it, but he has not gotten to take one yet of the whole room. But, he does love it, and he says it really
    makes the whole room look wonderful
    . Thank you again for your good help." Jennifer(United States) (more testimonials..)
    ------------------ Chinese Figure Painting ------------------
    Chinese the Eight Immortals Painting Chinese the Eight Immortals
    The Eight Immortals Crossing the
    Sea painting implies the wish to
    exorcize evil spirits and avoid disaster
    with the aid of magic ...
    Chinese Zhong Kui Painting Chinese Zhong Kui Painting Folks often hang painting of Zhong
    Kui(Chung K'uei) in their houses for
    home- guarding and blessing....
    Chinese Three Gods of Fu Lu Shou Painting Chinese Three Gods of Fu
    Lu Shou Painting
    It was believed that the three gods of
    Fu, Lu, Shou were three auspicious
    stars in the sky....
    Chinese Flying Apsaras Painting Chinese Flying Apsaras Painting Painters express flying Apsaras by
    means of clouds, blowing dress,
    and flying silk ribbon ...
    Chinese Other Mythological Characters Painting Chinese Other Mythological
    Characters Painting
    Include God of Wealth painting,
    dragon king painting, ChangEr
    painting, etc ...
    Chinese Kuan Yin Painting Chinese Kuan Yin Painting For the practical application of Feng
    Shui, the painting of Guanyin is suit
    nike to place in the position of honour....
    Chinese Ru Lai / Sakyamuni Painting Chinese Ru Lai / Sakyamuni
    Buddha of Sakyamuni(Ru Lai), founder
    of Buddhism, also known as
    Siddhartha Gautama which means. ....
    Chinese Da Mo / Bodhidharma Painting Chinese Da Mo /
    Bodhidharma Painting
    Bodhidharma (Damo to the Chinese)
    is traditionally regarded as the
    leading patriarch and transmitter ...
    Chinese Taoism Painting Chinese Taoism Painting Taosim sages include famous Laozi,
    Zhuangzi, etc....
    Chinese Other Buddha  Painting Chinese Other Buddha Painting Includes Arhat(罗汉, Lohan) painting and other buddhas...
    Chinese Contemporary Figures Painting Chinese Contemporary Figures Painting Chinese figure painting started its transition from traditional ways to modern ways. It had techniques of western modern art as part of a whole...
    Chinese Beautiful Ladies  Painting Chinese Beautiful Ladies Painting The history of painting of beautiful
    ladies in China can be traced back to
    the Jin Dynasty (265-420). ...
    Chinese Kuan Yin Painting Chinese Emperor &
    Empress Painting
    Includes China Qianlong(乾隆) empror painting, empress Wu Zhetian painting, the first empror Qin Shihuang painting, etc...
    Chinese Ancient Famous Four Beauties Painting Chinese Ancient Famous Four Beauties Painting Xi Shi(西施), Wang Zhaojun(王昭君), Diao Chan(貂蝉) and Yang Guifei(杨贵妃) Chinese painting.
    Chinese Fishman Farmer  Painting Chinese Fishman Farmer Painting Chinese traditional art is rooted in farming culture. As a part of Chinese traditional art, Chinese paintings also pays close attention to countryside and farming...
    Chinese Nude Girl Painting Chinese Nude Girl Painting Nude painting of women, compared to other subjects in technique, so to speak, is the most difficult one...
    Chinese Dream of the Red Chamber Beauties & Figures Painting Chinese Dream of the Red
    Chamber Beauties &
    Figures Painting
    Those paintings illustrate some scenes
    depicted in the book of Dream of the Red
    Chamber in splendid color. ....
    Chinese Ethnic Minority  Painting Chinese Ethnic Minority Painting China is a united multi-ethnic nation
    of 56 ethnic groups...
    Chinese Sages Painting Chinese Sages Painting Chinese sages painting include
    Chinese Confucius painting, Chinese
    Lao Tzu painting, etc ...
    Chinese Genre Painting Chinese Genre Painting Genre painting is one of important subjects of figure painting that usually takes folks’ daily life as its content. As a distinctive form of Chinese paintings, genre painting is extraordinarily close..
    Chinese History & Folklore  Painting Chinese History & Folklore
    Pumps & Heels : Mens Shoes,Womens Shoes,Boots,Flats Impeccable Include Zhugeliang painting, Guanyu
    painting, etc ....
    Chinese Boyes Painting Chinese Boyes Painting Chinese boy painting has its own specific meaning in Chinese tradition. It represents offspring, that is the continuity of life..
    What People Say About Us? "yeiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tel mr an that i love it!!!!!!!!! :) i love it thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!! ."
    Pepe(Mexico) (more testimonials..)
    ----------------------------- Others -----------------------------
    Chinese Oil Paintings Chinese Oil Paintings Our Chinese oil painting include
    Landscape Oil Painting, Floral Oil
    Painting, Portrait Oil Painting, Animal
    Oil Painting, Abstract Oil Painting in
    distinctive Chinese features...
    Chinese Painting Knowledge Chinese Painting Knowledge How to hang Chinese painting? Guide
    about Chinese scroll painting, Chinese
    calligraphy painting knowledge, etc.....
    Wholesale China Paintings Wholesale China Paintings We provide all kinds of Chinese
    paintings to retailers, and
    wholesalers, wholesaling Chinese
    paintings from China from small
    sizes to large paintings...
    Customize Chinese Paintings Customize Chinese Paintings We also customize Chinese painting for your specific needs. Please feel free to contact our service person in anytime and you will get a reply in 0.5-23.5 hrs...

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